KENSTAR KS-18VJN Air Conditioner

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General Features

Capacity2 HP
Model IDKS-18RFH
Model NameFloor Standing Air Conditioner
TypeFloor Standing

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The Kenstar standing Air Conditioner is an intelligent air conditioner, is the new definition for cool and smart. It is the perfect fit for your home. It has intelligent Eco sensors that regulate temperature to the perfect condition, leaving your home/office odour free and a breath of fresh air everywhere. This air conditioner does not only cool your home, it purifies the air so that you can stay healthy. It performs all this functions while still saving energy.

This Kenstar Air Conditioner comes with the following: Low Noise Airflow System, Valve Protection Cover, Auto Restart, Easy-Cleaned Panel, Self-diagnosis Function, Independent Dehumidification, Anti-Rust Cabinet.

24-hour timer
3-minute protection
Anti-cold Air Function
Anti-corrosion coating of the heat exchanger
Automatic operation of the blinds (in the horizontal plane)
Cooling Heating
Easy to clean panel
Effective drainage
AC LED display
Night Mode
Refrigerant Leakage Detect
Self-diagnosis function
Turbo mode

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