Haier Thermocool Double Door Fridge - HRF 200 LUX

Short description:


  • Double Door Fridge
  • Pentacool
  • Direct Cool
  • 4 Days Cooling Retention
  • Silver
  • 50Kg
  • 200 Litres-storage capacity
  • Dimensions mm (W*D*H) 550*615*1270
  • Convenient lock and key



Get your Haier Thermocool Refrigerator From NumartNG

Haier Thermocool HRF-200 LUX Double Door Fridge is designed to fit in with your kitchen furniture and it is more suited to smaller living spaces. it features a big evaporator for better and faster cooling efficiency, a supercooling system to cool large quantities of food in your refrigerator at once. 


4 Days Cooling Retention

The refrigerator content will still maintain its freshness for few days.

Big Evaporator

The fridge’s Big Evaporator allows for better cooling efficiency, which encourages faster and uniform cooling.

Super Cooling

An intelligent function that can be used to cool large quantities of food in your refrigerator – this way, you can keep your newly purchased food items at the ideal temperature from the start.

200-Litre Storage Capacity

Ample storage for food items, perfect for storing up a week’s worth of groceries.

Lock and Key

Convenient lock and key to secure stored food items

About the Brand

For over 40 years, Thermocool has been Nigeria’s most trusted white goods brand. With a heritage that proves Thermocool as one of the most established suppliers in the Nigerian market. Thermocool’s manufacturing legacy combined with their history of consistent product innovation means they can confidently say that they've always been there for you, and will always be

Haier Thermocool

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